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Inspiration from a Haunted Ship

The Queen Mary in Long Beach, California, is a (Supposedly) Haunted Floating Piece of History

Locals know of the presumed history of the Queen Mary. It’s a history that includes voyages carrying troops during WWII as well as voyages sailing on its passenger service.

It’s also rumored to be haunted: very haunted, as in one of the most haunted places in the United States.

Interestingly, it’s also a hotel—most likely, it’s not a hotel for the faint of heart.

If there’s one thing notable about places like this—even if you’re just admiring from afar—it’s that they inspire tons of stories. Anyone who loves either a good ghost story or a historical (and true) backstory would hate to see a ship like this sink.

That’s almost exactly what happened recently. For a while, the ship deteriorated so much it was in danger of capsizing, and the city of Long Beach almost deliberately sunk it.

Buying a Lifeboat

What has happened instead? Long Beach has decided to save the ship. It turns out it’s a big part of the city’s economy1.

Part of the funding for the renovations was/is selling off some of the Queen Mary’s lifeboats (they’re contributing to the ship’s demise) to be sold to bidders.

I thought if I had the means, I would totally buy one!

For now, luckily the ghosts of the Queen Mary can keep their home, and a historical ship will be rightfully restored.

People can eventually go back and take haunted nighttime tours of the ship.

As for me, if I return, I’ll stick to visiting it in the daytime.

1Looking to Buy a Piece of Queen Mary History? Now’s Your Chance.” Los Angeles Times. February 27, 2022

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