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Fall is Here + Harry Potter Bottle Decals!

Everyone is into fall these days. It occurred to me that autumn has become probably one of the most creative times of the year, second possibly to Christmas (and at this point, I’m not even sure about that). There is so much beautiful autumn decor that it’s starting to rival the end-of-year holidays!

Maybe that’s why people are so drawn to autumn now. In addition, there’s also the unofficial term “Hallowthanksmas.” If you celebrate the big three of Halloween, Thanksgiving and Christmas, “Hallowthanksmas” is perhaps the best time of the year!

Of course, finding ways to enjoy all these holidays without breaking the bank is vital. Making your own decor is one option. I got into (pleasant) trouble while sucked into an Amazon vortex, where I came across vinyl bottle labels for Halloween…then Harry Potter-themed ones (link at bottom). There will likely be a future post about how this turned out.

Speaking of “Hallowthanksmas”

The Hallowthanksmas Chronicles, covering characters from each related holiday as they make their case that their holiday is the best, will be posted (for free) on Booksie. Sections will be added as the holiday approaches. For my blog viewers, though, you can find The Hallowthanksmas Chronicles all at once on my writing website.

You can find the Harry Potter bottle decals here.

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