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Creativity When the Past Meets the Present

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It’s interesting what can inspire us sometimes. I’ve thought at times that anyone who had their youth before the year 2000 has lived in an era that will never exist again: one of first being fully present in life through living, then having one foot in nostalgia found on the Internet.

It’s like two worlds that met for a very short time: an immersive state of growing up completely in the tangible world and then growing older revisiting your youth online.

Previous generations grew older with only what they remembered themselves…not through what popped up on a screen to suddenly take them back.

The once-in-a-lifetime generations experienced youth in fullness of heart, not knowing that scenes from their younger days would be constantly accessible–but with the good fortune of somehow encountering them later, if only through a glass screen. Because they never expected this new, much more frequent computer-induced nostalgia, it’s bound to feel more “real.”

And that’s much different from knowing all through life that everything will be available a click away: a phenomenon that, rather than making your own past new again, makes everything too predictable. Too mundane.

Neither way is necessarily better. There can be something soothing and comfortable about knowing that your youth will always be at your fingertips; but those generations that never expected to revisit a past that they once forgot truly have had a once-in-a-millennium experience.

It’s hard somehow to feel like all that really explains what it means to be from those unique generations. It’s better said in a poem.

And So…the Poem After the Inspiration

“Children of the Last (Through a Glass Screen)”

Children of the Last,
before this web was born,
when your attention stayed more here
and wasn’t quite so torn.

You played until the sun fell,
outside you felt so strong,
and inside, through the other days,
you listened to your songs.

Those songs would never tell you
of what would later come:
a world where you could simply click
and see your childhood fun.

You had no expectations,
enjoyed life and the times,
not thinking someday, you would find
your childhood all “online.”

You are the first—and too the last—
who never knew they’d see
their younger days come back for them…
through only a glass screen.

From the ebook Poetry Collection available for free on Booksie. New poems are added regularly.

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Finished Harry Potter Bottles: Easy to Make!

Recently, I posted about some Harry Bottle bottle decals from Amazon. As promised, here are the (almost) finished bottles:

Okay, so the Polyjuice Potion ended up a bit pink, looking like Pepto-Bismol. 🙂 I’ve also still got plan to add some washi tape around the foil at the top to make that area look more finished. The bottles I got didn’t have any type of lid, so I had to improvise.

Overall, though, these were very easy to make. The only supplies were:

  • Clear craft bottles (I got mine at Michaels)
  • Harry Potter decals (link at the end of this section)
  • Craft paint (e.g., Ceramcoat, FolkArt): two bottles of each color is best. I only had one, and it was kind of difficult to make sure the paint was spread throughout the interior
  • If doing the foil wrappers for the tops, clear gesso and aluminum foil

The process was pretty much what you’d probably guess. For the bottles, the paint was squirted directly into the bottle, then swished around to cover inside. Because I only had one container of each color and that wasn’t quite enough, I added just a little water to the inside to pick up what color it could, and swished that around, as well. There are a couple of spots that are not as opaque for that reason, but it’s not too noticeable. The watery mixture was poured out immediately.

After 24 hours, some remaining wet paint in the bottles had puddled at the bottom, so that had to be poured out, also. I let it sit for a few days to make sure the paint inside was dry.

Meanwhile, for the foil tops, I just took foil, tore it to the right size and gessoed over the foil. After that, the foil was painted.

Then the labels were applied, and that was it! My four bottles were done.

Well, they’re done other than the washi tape mentioned at the beginning.

Harry Potter decals are available here


Remember your first drink or first time at a pub? So does the boy in this medieval fantasy flash fiction piece.

“A Boy at the Pub”

The boy was but 13 years of age: all of 13 and nothing else. At least, that was his age when he first went to a pub.

He recalled the day fondly, now closer to 50 years of age (or “13 years thrice and then some,” as he often put it). His father had taken him back then, now that he was a “man.” He thought, though, that was an odd age to be a man; yet that’s what his father had told him.

The pub had loud music with a lute and drums. It had maidens running around with pitchers held high. It had drunkards at wooden tables, screaming for more ale, and the maidens would scurry around to bring them more drink.

It had pipes being smoked and a fire stoked.

It also had a pubkeeper—and like many pubkeepers, he handled well, in retrospect, the drunkards and the noise and the hot fire stoked on a summer night by those too drunk to know the difference between hot and cold.

That night on the beginning of his 13th year, he witnessed a bunch of such merry-makers, pints of ale in hand, having the time of their lives (much longer than his at the time), who spoke in slurred speech that only the pubkeeper seemed to understand.

And he always remembered the pubkeeper’s reply: “Well, when somebody has their head up their derriere, only they can pull it back out. You can’t do none of that for ’em!”

The ale-drinkers heard it naught: something the pubkeeper was likely used to, his patrons not even paying attention.

Yet the boy did. He was all of 13 years of age and nothing else…and he was the only one who listened.

Book cover saying "Medieval Days: Tiny Tales of Mirth and Woe"

From the free ebook Medieval Tales: Tiny Tales of Mirth and Woe, a book of flash fiction. New stories are added regularly.

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Fall is Here + Harry Potter Bottle Decals!

Everyone is into fall these days. It occurred to me that autumn has become probably one of the most creative times of the year, second possibly to Christmas (and at this point, I’m not even sure about that). There is so much beautiful autumn decor that it’s starting to rival the end-of-year holidays!

Maybe that’s why people are so drawn to autumn now. In addition, there’s also the unofficial term “Hallowthanksmas.” If you celebrate the big three of Halloween, Thanksgiving and Christmas, “Hallowthanksmas” is perhaps the best time of the year!

Of course, finding ways to enjoy all these holidays without breaking the bank is vital. Making your own decor is one option. I got into (pleasant) trouble while sucked into an Amazon vortex, where I came across vinyl bottle labels for Halloween…then Harry Potter-themed ones (link at bottom). There will likely be a future post about how this turned out.

Speaking of “Hallowthanksmas”

The Hallowthanksmas Chronicles, covering characters from each related holiday as they make their case that their holiday is the best, will be posted (for free) on Booksie. Sections will be added as the holiday approaches. For my blog viewers, though, you can find The Hallowthanksmas Chronicles all at once on my writing website.

You can find the Harry Potter bottle decals here.

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